Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities is a full service Associate Dentist recruitment and placement company

Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunity (Henry Schein NDO) is a full-service Dental Associate recruitment and placement company who has successfully placed hundreds of general dentists and specialists. Our team of recruiters is excited about the prospect of working with you.

At Henry Schein NDO, we’re here to assist Dental Practice owners and administrators to fill critical associate positions with superior talent and the best dentist for their practice. Likewise, we identify ideal opportunities for Dental Associates to begin or further their careers.

Recruiting a Dental Associate or Specialist can be a complex process. Searching for the right practice can be a stressful situation as well. Henry Schein NDO will make the process as simple as possible. We want to create a win-win situation for both the hiring practice and the Dental Associate.

We offer the most innovative marketing campaigns specifically designed for your needs. Our approach gives your practice the maximum amount of exposure to qualified candidates, while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. We match the Candidate’s skills and experience to your personalized criteria.

We work with candidates throughout the search process including providing assistance writing Curriculum Vitae and cover letters, if needed. And there’s never a fee to the candidate.

You will find the team at Henry Schein NDO to be professional, efficient, and results-driven. Whether you’re a practitioner looking for a Dental Associate or an Associate looking for the right opportunity, Henry Schein NDO can help.

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Recruiting a Dental Associate

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At Henry Schein Nationwide Dental Opportunities, we help dental practices hire the right Dental Associates. Let us recruit an Associate who will be the perfect fit for your practice.

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